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Castle Whiterock—Chapter 2: Escape and Revenge

CharactersEmmeline Forthwrought, eccentric human wizard.Frevia Arden, self-sufficient human druid, with Roberta, snake animal companion.Imra Shadowmantle, disciplined elven rogue.Melanie Shadowmantle, aristocratic human fighter. Prologue Roberta the snake had been seperated from her mistress when Frevia and the others were captured by the slaver "monks." She managed to follow the scent trail to a well-furnished bedroom, where the smells disappeared into a stone wall. Unable to fathom how this could be, Roberta hid under the bed and waited for the situation to make more sense.

Eventually, a large man came in and pulled a torch sconce on the wall, revealing a secret door. As he went into the tunnel beyond, Roberta followed as stealthily as she could. The man seemed to hear her, but the snake was able to hide behind some crates while he turned back to investigate. In the darkness, Roberta struggled to find her way, but she eventually discovered a door and a set of stairs goi…

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