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Gen Con Events, Part 2: Panels

The Industry Insider events were added to the Gen Con event database over the weekend, so I thought I'd give a run-down of the panels I will be on as a Featured Presenter. I'm nervous about pretty much all of these for one reason or another, but I hope folks come to them and learn something from me and my fellow presenters.

Creating Periodic Content
Thursday at 3:00 PM
Presenters: Jaym Gates, Harrison Pink, Darcy Ross, Paul Stefko

Whether it's a zine, a newsletter, or a monthly Patreon release, getting into the habit of releasing regular, periodic content builds your reputation & keeps your audience coming back for more.

Don't You Dare Give Up, How To Set Reasonable Goals
Friday at 2:00 PM
Presenters: John Adamus, Liz Courts, Lyz Liddell, Paul Stefko

It can be so tempting to give up, to discard your dream. Learn how to set small, incremental goals you can meet, work through adversity & see your project through to success!

How to Teach A Game
Friday at 3:00 PM
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Michel Montfort, Dungeon Fantasy Swashbuckler

Michel Montfort 250 points
ST 11 [10]; DX 15 [100]; IQ 10 [0]; HT 13 [30].
Damage 1d-1/1d+1; BL 24 lbs.; HP 11 [0]; Will 10 [0]; Per 10 [0]; FP 13 [0].
Basic Speed 7.00 [0]; Basic Move 7 [0].
5’7”, 145 lbs.
Social BackgroundTL: 3 [0].
CF: Common (Native) [0].
Languages: Common (Native) [0].
Advantages Combat Reflexes [15]; Enhanced Dodge 1 [15]; Extra Attack 1 [25]; Extraordinary Luck [30]; Enhanced Parry 1 (Broadsword) [5]; Rapier Wit [5]; Signature Gear 2 (Breastplate and broadsword) [2]; Weapon Master (Broadsword) [20].
Perks: Weapon Bond (Any starting weapon) [1].
Disadvantages Code of Honor (Gentleman’s) [-10]; Compulsive Carousing (12) [-5]; Gregarious [-10]; Impulsiveness (12) [-10]; Overconfidence (12) [-5]; Sense of Duty (Adventuring companions) [-5]; Vow (Use only weapon of choice) [-5].
Quirks: Annoyingly proud of his mustache; Loves the phrase, “What, ho!” [-2]
Skills Acrobatics (H) DX [4]-15; Brawling (E) DX+1 [2]-16; Broadsword (A) DX+3 [12]-18; Carousing (E) HT [1]-13; Clim…

Gen Con Events, Part 1: Games

The Gen Con event list came out this past weekend, and while my Industry Insider panels are still being finalized, I do have a couple events in the system. I will be running two game sessions this year, one in GURPS and the other in Fate Core.

Event registration opens at noon Eastern on May 28.

Adamantine ChefRPG17108557

System: Fate Core
In Dreed, competitive cooking is serious business. Can your team defeat their rivals & earn the title of Gods of Cooking?

This game is set in S. John Ross's marvelous Uresia setting and is an off-beat, anime-inflected fantasy adventure.


System: GURPS Fourth Edition
Your squad of space marines has crashed on a failed colony world. You must make your way across a landscaped scarred by nuclear war to secure your escape, but an ancient threat stirs beneath your feet.

This game is cinematic military sci-fi inspired by video games like Gears of War and Mass Effect Andromeda.

Take the Game and Run

A few months ago, I talked about one of the regular players in my weekly D&D game at my local game cafe. He had started his own campaign at home and was discovering all of the joys and pitfalls of being a dungeon master that I did nearly 20 years ago.

Recently, events conspired to keep us from meeting at the cafe for about three weeks. During that time, this player organized his own one-shot with the other regular players at another location. The adventure drew on elements that had been introduced in our previous campaign playing through Curse of Strahd, and it sounded like an awesome session I would have loved to have played.

But I was blown away that he had put something like this together. One of my players had actually run a spin-off of my organized play campaign with no prompting from me. And everyone had a great time! I'm not surprised — this is one of my best regular players, and everything he's told me about his home game has shown that he has excellent DM instinct…

Incite Mutation

This is a sample Wild Talents power originally designed for Greg Stolze’s delightfully weird Progenitor setting. It was intended to be the entire power set for a Tier 4 character.

Incite Mutation 10d+8hd+6wd (U U ; 7 per die; 350 pts)
Useful extras and flaws: Endless +3, If/Then (powers granted by Variable Effect must have Locational) -1, If/Then (only for Variable Effect) -1, If/Then (only to grant powers derived from physical mutation) -1, If/Then (not on self) -1, Variable Effect +4. Capacity: Mass.
Useful extras and flaws: Always On -1, Attached to mutation quality -2, If/Then (not on self) -1, Permanent +4. Capacity: Mass.

You can cause a target other than yourself to physically mutate, granting incredible but disfiguring abilities. You must touch the target. On a successful activation, you transfer dice from your Incite Mutation miracle to a power of your choice that could result from a physical mutation. For instance, you could cause wings to sprout from the target's back, gra…

Cowboy Character Template

Back in 2009, my wife ran a Western adventure in GURPS at Gen Con. To help her make her pre-gens, I put together this template for a generic cowboy.

Cowboy 100 points Attributes: ST 10 [0]; DX 11 [20]; IQ 10 [0]; HT 11 [10].
Secondary Characteristics: Dam 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs.; HP 10 [0]; Will 10 [0]; Per 11 [5]; FP 11 [0]; Basic Speed 5.50 [0]; Basic Move 5 [0].

Advantages: 35 points chosen from ST +1 or +2 [10/level], DX +1 [20], HT +1 or +2 [10/level], Per +1 to +3 [5/level], Alcohol Tolerance [1], Animal Empathy [5], Animal Friend [5/level], Combat Reflexes [15], Common Sense [10], Daredevil [15], Fit or Very Fit [5 or 15], Higher Purpose (Protect the underdog, Defend your own patch of land, etc.) [5], Legal Enforcement Powers [5], Languages [varies], Outdoorsman [10/level], Night Vision 1-4 [1/level], Rapier Wit [5], Recovery [10], Reputation [Varies], Signature Gear [1/level], Unfazeable [15], or Wealth (Comfortable) [10].

Disadvantages: -20 points chosen from Alcoholism [-15], Bad Te…

New Ability: Martial Exercises

Here's a chi-powered ability for warrior characters in fantasy or over-the-top Martial Arts campaigns.

Martial Exercises 35 points/level Each level lets you choose one martial exercise benefit from the list below. You must spend six minutes per level exercising and make a Will or Meditation roll to choose new benefits. If a benefit is listed in bold, you can choose that option more than once and effects in bold stack.

Arm ST +1 (Two arms) + Strongbow.Acute Vision 3.Acute Hearing 3.Blunt Claws + DR 3 (Partial, Hands; Tough Skin).Breath-Holding 3.Damage Resistance 2 (Tough Skin).Filter Lungs + Penetrating Voice.Flexibility + Compact Frame.FP +2.Hard to Kill 3.Hard to Subdue 3.HP +3.Injury Tolerance (No Blood) + Chi Resistance (Pressure Points).Injury Tolerance (No Vitals) + Natural Pockets.Less Sleep 3.Lifting ST +2.Metabolism Control 3 (Hibernation).Nictitating Membrane 6.Night Vision 6.Pressure Support 1 + Pressure-Tolerant Lungs (Thin atmosphere).Reduced Consumption 3.Resistant to…