Eidol Summoning—Permutations

Here are a few extra rules to fill out the system of Eidol Summoning. One uses stock advantages from Basic Set, while the other is an implementation of Stunts from GURPS Powers.

Mental Contact

When you summon an eidol, the spiritual ally can understand your native language, even if it can't speak itself. Of course, you can only talk to your eidol if it is present with you. Dedicated summoners develop their bonds to the point that they can communicate with their eidols telepathically over any distance and even share the spirit's senses.

This ability requires the Telecommunication and Mind Reading advantages, and nearly all summoners who learn this ability also have Mindlink, to remove the chance of failure. The cost of Mindlink varies dependingin on how many eidols you can have summoned at one time: 5 points for one; 9 points for 2-9; 18 for 10-99; and an extra +9 points for each tenfold increase.

Statistics: Telecommunication (Telesend; Accessibility, Only your summoned eidols, -80%, Spirit, -10%) [6]; Mind Reading (Sensory Only, -20%; Spirit, -10%; Telecommunication, -20%) [15]; Mindlink (Spirit, -10%) [varies].

Instant Summoning

You can attempt to summon an eidol without conducting the normal ritual. You must spend a single second Concentrating and spend 2 FP, then roll against Will or Will-based Ritual Magic (Eidol Summoning) at a -4 penalty. You can spend additional FP to offset this penalty, at 1 FP per -1.

On a success, you summon your eidol, but only temporarily. Each minute, you must spend 2 FP and make another roll or your eidol disappears. On a critical success, you don't need to pay the FP cost for that minute.

On a critical failure, you cannot try again for 1d seconds, and roll once more against Will. On a failure, all of your summoned eidols disappear. You cannot summon any again for a number of minutes equal to your margin of failure. After that, roll Will each minute until you succeed, at which point your power returns. (If you get a critical failure on this roll, you lose your power for 1d months.)


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