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Core Mechanics 14 - Storytelling System

I explain the core mechanics of the Storytelling System, which powers the Chronicles of Darkness. Support Core Mechanics and other videos at my Patreon:


GURPS Psionics: Stats for The Phoenix Project

GURPS Psionics for Third Edition included a sample campaign background centered on the Phoenix Project, an organization devoted to helping and training folks with psionic abilities. Using the system presented in GURPS Boardroom and Curia, here's the organization stats for the Phoenix Project in Fourth Edition.
The Phoenix ProjectMission Statement: The Phoenix Project is a secret organization dedicated to nurturing the birth of a benevolent “world-mind” which would embrace all psi-users in peace and harmony. To this end, members attempt to help new psis realize their potential, while at the same time protecting them from organizations like the Eugenic Security Police and the Overmind Institute.
CapabilitiesTL: 8; Members: 2,000
Wealth: Comfortable
Contacts: Parapsychological research skills-15 [10].
Member Traits: Unusual Background (Psi) [20].
Notable Resources: The Project’s facilities are disguised as parapsychological research institutes, private boarding schools, or even religious…

Core Mechanics 13 - Shadows of Esteren

I explain the core mechanics of the Shadows of Esteren, a dark fantasy game inspired by Celtic culture and Renaissance science. Support Core Mechanics and other videos at my Patreon:


Castle Whiterock—Chapter 1: Slavers and Orcs

CharactersEmmeline Forthwrought, eccentric human wizard.Frevia Arden, self-sufficient human druid.Imra Shadowmantle, disciplined elven rogue.Melanie Shadowmantle, aristocratic human fighter. Lady Chauntessa at the Slumbering Drake had offered to pay the party for books recovered from the ruins of Castle Whiterock, that ancient fortress located about a day's travel from Cillamar. Intrigued by both the promise of gold and the chance to unearth forgotten lore, the group decided to journey to the Castle and see what they could find.

Over the next week, the party made preparations for an expedition, laying in rations and other equipment. Emmeline researched the ruins in the Shadowmantle family library, learning that the surface was not known for any particular exotic monsters. The depths were said to be home to strange beings like troglodytes, oozes, and the ancient dragon Benthosruthsa. Frevia brewed up some antitoxin from the centipede poison she'd collected in the sewers. Imra …

Core Mechanics #12 - Storyteller System

I explain the core mechanics of the Storyteller System, which powered the classic World of Darkness games. Support Core Mechanics and other videos at my Patreon: