GURPS Psionics: Stats for The Phoenix Project

GURPS Psionics for Third Edition included a sample campaign background centered on the Phoenix Project, an organization devoted to helping and training folks with psionic abilities. Using the system presented in GURPS Boardroom and Curia, here's the organization stats for the Phoenix Project in Fourth Edition.

The Phoenix Project

Mission Statement: The Phoenix Project is a secret organization dedicated to nurturing the birth of a benevolent “world-mind” which would embrace all psi-users in peace and harmony. To this end, members attempt to help new psis realize their potential, while at the same time protecting them from organizations like the Eugenic Security Police and the Overmind Institute.


TL: 8; Members: 2,000
Wealth: Comfortable
Contacts: Parapsychological research skills-15 [10].
Member Traits: Unusual Background (Psi) [20].
Notable Resources: The Project’s facilities are disguised as parapsychological research institutes, private boarding schools, or even religious retreats.
Reaction-Time Modifier: +2. The Project’s distributed structure means they are flexible in responding to members needs, but it can take time to determine who is best to handle a given request for aid.

Costs and Values

Startup Costs: $162,240,000; Resource Value: $811,200
Patron Value: 15 points; Enemy Value: -30 points
Ally and Dependent Value: Allies can range from 100-point unexpected psis up to competent agents worth 300+ points.

Social Attributes

Type: Secret Fraternal
CR: 1; Loyalty: Very Good (16)
Rank: Phoenix Project Rank 0-4 [3/level].
Income Range: $2,100 (Average) to $18,000 (Wealthy)
Reputation: -2 (unauthorized psychic research group, among governments and rivals)


All members of the Phoenix Project are psis, and all powers are represented within the Project. Psychic vampirism abilities are accepted, though the Project teaches its members to control and direct such abilities into peaceful avenues.

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