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Gen Con 2016 Trip Report

Gen Con has come and gone for another year. I went, I gamed, I had a darn good time. Let’s break it down.
Wednesday Wednesday was primarily our travel day. We set out from Pittsburgh bright and early and immediately slammed into the city’s morning rush hour traffic. Instead of sitting through probably almost an hour of traffic, we turned around and went a slightly longer route distance-wise that arguably saved us a few minutes.

Seven and a half hours and one Cracker Barrel lunch later, we arrived in Indianapolis and checked in at the JW Marriott. We headed to the convention center to get our badges and discovered just how big this year’s show was going to be. The line for Will Call stretched all the way to the end of the convention center, and it stayed that long until well after midnight.

My companions decided to put off getting their packets until Thursday morning, but I decided to wait in the line for GM HQ to get our game master badges. Let me reiterate that: there was a line for …