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My Sales Numbers for June

For June 2017, I again offered PDFs, POD books, and POD cards for sale through OneBookShelf: DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, DriveThruCards, etc. June was actually a rather strong month, for no real reason I can think of. In total, I sold 28 units last month, including a few card decks. My total earnings came to $35.98.

Arthuria: 4 PDF
Fragments, Volume 1, #3: 1 PDF
Interstellar Patrol: 6 PDF
Interstellar Patrol Adventure Cards: 1 Card/PDF combo, 1 PDF
Rituals and Convergences: 4 PDF
Situation Aspect Cards: 2 Card/PDF combo, 1 Print-and-Play PDF
Super Power Cards: 1 Card deck, 2 Card/PDF combo, 4 Print-and-Play PDF
The Model: 1 PDF