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My Gen Con Schedule

Gen Con 2015 rapidly approaches. I'm doing a few public-facing things this year, so if you're looking for me (for some reason), you can find me at the following space-time coordinates.
State of the Hat (SEM1583059) Thursday, 10:00-11:00 AM Embassy Suites : Ambassador I
I'm sitting on this panel with a bunch of other cooler folks who work for Evil Hat. I probably won't have much to say, but if you enjoyed Psychedemia, I'd love to hear about it. Stealing Roswell (RPG1575240) Thursday, 7:00-11:00 PM Marriott : Marriott Blrm 4
This is my TimeWatch game of time-criminals trying to make off with the wreckage of the Roswell crash. It is currently sold out, but it's not uncommon for sold out games to have empty seats when it's time to start. If you're really interested, show up with generics. Games on Demand (ZED1581420, et al.) Friday, 10:00 PM - Saturday, 12:00 AM; Saturday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM; Saturday, 4:00-6:00 PM Marriott : Marriott Blrm 6
I'm offering…

World of Metal and Bone and More Iron Edda

Last year, I had the pleasure of designing a game of epic Norse fantasy Powered by the Apocalypse for the Iron Edda Kickstarter by Exploding Rogue Studios. That game, Iron Edda: World of Metal and Bone, is now available in PDF through DriveThruRPG.

In related news, Exploding Rogue has just launched a new Kickstarter to expand the world of Iron Edda even more, with another game book and a novel. While I'm not involved this time, I encourage you to check out the project before it closes on August 1st.

Fate at the ENnies, 2015

Last year's ENnies were heavy with nominations of Fate games, so it would have been hard to follow up with as many this year. Still, there are two strong contenders on the slate.
Atomic Robo RPG Evil Hat's big Fate release of the last year, Atomic Robo is a phenomenal game and a gorgeous product. It is one of the best expressions of Fate Core I've seen, and it benefits from the vast library of  comic art and a layout by Jeremy Keller and Adam Jury. Atomic Robo is nominated for Best Family Game and Best Game. It has a stronger chance in Family Game, being up against D&D5, The Strange, and Firefly for Best Game. Mindjammer I haven't read Mindjammer, by Sarah Newton, but what I've seen of it is impressive. It's been well-received by the Fate community, and it's a good-looking book. Mindjammer is nominated for Best Rules and Product of the Year. Mass Effect I feel that I have to mention the controversy that landed with this year's nominations. When the …

Cyberpunk Weapons

Melee WeaponsBarbo: Several Brazilian megacorps market disguised knives called barbos ("barbs"). The blades are superfine, and the knife is hidden in any number of items, from a hard computer case to an oversized belt buckle. TLWeaponDamageReachParryCostWeightSTNotes 9Barbosw-1(2) cutC,1-1$3600.55 orthr+1(2) impC-1――5[1, 2]
Notes: [1] The weapon is superfine by default. The effects have been included in the table. [2] The weapon is disguised as another piece of equipment. FirearmsSmartgun Electronics: All firearms below include a laser sight, a HUD link, a recognition grip, and a diagnostic computer. These electronics are powered by a B cell which is included in the weight of the firearm (but not the price). PistolsKanakawa Daimyo: This magnum pistol is fine (accurate). It comes with two accessory rails standard (one above the barrel and one below). It includes an integrated Tiny computer and comes factory loaded with targeting software.
A variant, the Shogun, includes a Fast …

*World at the ENnies, 2015

It's a sparse year for *World games at the ENnie Awards.
Monster of the Week The only nominee Powered by the Apocalypse is the revised edition of Monster of the Week published by +Evil Hat Productions. I talked about it briefly when it came out, but I still haven't gotten the chance to check it out. Since it's also one of only a handful of Evil Hat products nominated, I wish it luck. Unfortunately, it's up against D&D 5th Edition Player's Handbook for Best Rules, so it doesn't have much of a chance.