Fate Tokens on Kickstarter

Fate Tokens, from Campaign Coins, are metal tokens (basically custom alloy coins) designed to be used as fate points in your Fate roleplaying sessions. They are an officially licensed Fate product. The Kickstarter is at just shy of $11,000 at the time of writing, out of an initial goal of $5,000. And that's in Australian dollars, so ... I don't even know. Exchange rates or whatever.

Each set of 12 Fate Tokens includes four tokens with plus signs on the back, four with minus signs, and four with blank backs. That sounds a lot like four Fate dice. If you put a set of 12 Tokens in a bag and draw four out, these are the approximate probabilities for each possible result.

4: 0.2%
3: 3.2%
2: 10.5%
1: 22.6%
0: 26.9%
-1: 22.6%
-2: 10.5%
-3: 3.2%
-4: 0.2%

The odds are similar but not identical to rolling 4dF. You're even more likely to wind up in the middle of the curve by pulling 4 Fate Tokens. Here's a graph comparing the two mechanics.

Fittingly, drawing from a bag of Fate Tokens makes spending a fate point even more valuable, at least for mitigating the relatively less common low results (-3 or -4).

What else can you do with these tokens? What if the symbol flavors the use of the fate point? If you put all of the Fate Tokens in a bag, when the GM offers a compel and the player accepts, they can draw a random Token from the bag. If the Token has a plus symbol, another player character might get a boost related to the compelled character's new complication. If the Token has a minus symbol, the GM's opposition might earn a boost. This is just an idea off the top of my head.

Anyway, the Fate Tokens Kickstarter runs until August 21. You can get a single set of 12 Tokens for a pledge of $15 AUD (plus $7 AUD for shipping outside of Australia). If you get three sets, you will also receive all of the planned stretch goals, which include the option of different metal finishes, bonus Plus/Minus oversized tokens, and a velvet dice bag emblazoned with the Fate logo.


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