GUMSHOE at the Ennies, 2015

As I did last year, I am going to talk about some of the many nominees for this year's Ennie Awards. Voting opens on Saturday, July 4.

Today, I'll look at the nominees relevant to GUMSHOE system games, starting with the only actual GUMSHOE game product on the list.

Dreamhounds of Paris

Dreamhounds of Paris explores two worlds: Paris in the 30s, home to the Surrealist art movement; and the Dreamlands, Lovecraft's realm of fantastic horror. +Robin Laws gives you everything you need to portray the historical Surrealists as they discover their ability to shape the Dreamlands in pursuit of their goal of worldwide psychic revolution. +Kenneth Hite and +Steve Dempsey throw in their own insights into the occult world of 1930s France and round out the book.

I'll admit, I haven't read this one. I'm not much of a fan of the Dreamlands or Surrealism, so the subject matter doesn't exactly jump out at me. Dreamhounds of Paris is nominated for Best Interior Art and Best Setting. Looking at the other games in those categories, I think it's a long shot for either award, considering it's up against The Strange in botches.

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

As I described last year, KARTAS is essential podcast listening for GUMSHOE fans. It is nominated again for Best Podcast, having won the gold award last year.

Ken Writes About Stuff, Volume 2

Ken Hite monthly writes a short GUMSHOE supplement, such as a Hideous Creatures looking at Mythos Creature, or GUMSHOE Zooms that give modular subsystems for any GUMSHOE game. Volume 2 includes the Xeno-Archaeology! supplement for Ashen Stars, a two-part Zoom on Voodoo and one on Goetia, and the complete GUMSHOE mini-game The School of Night. Ken Writes About Stuff is nominated for Best Electronic Book and Best Writing. It's up against tough competition in both categories (including The Strange and the surprising Mass Effect RPG).

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