The Brute (a super-villain for Fate Core)

Real Name: Edwin Brutus Dane

Edwin Brutus Dane was serving 20 years for armed robbery when his metahuman abilities manifested. He tore out of the prison, killing three people in the process, and he's been working as hired muscle for one criminal outfit or another ever since.

Since his manifestation, he's been stuck in the form of an 8-foot-tall purple monster, so there's really no chance for him to lead a normal life. The anger and poor impulse control that sent him to prison in the first place is seemingly magnified by his present condition. The money helps, but only for a little while.


High Concept: Villain For Hire
Trouble: Sticks Out Like a Purple Thumb
Other: Smarter Than He Looks


Superb (+5): Physique
Great (+4): Fight, Will
Good (+3): Athletics, Provoke, Shoot


Super-Dense Physiology: Dane's muscles and other tissue are incredibly dense, granting tremendous strength and durability. The Brute gains +2 to Physique in all situations that require pure strength and +2 to Fight while brawling unarmed in close quarters. His toughness means he gains Armor:2 against any purely physical damage and an additional physical stress box.

Basic Super Toughness
↳Master Super Toughness
Basic Super Strength
Basic Natural Weapon

Drawback: Destructive Rage
Collateral Damage Effect: The Brute can raise his mighty fists and hit the ground with enough force that the whole earth seems to shake, attacking everyone in his zone with Physique.

Stress: Physical 5, Mental 4
Consequences: 2 Mild, Moderate


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