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Metatopia 2015 Recap

I spent the past few days in Morristown, New Jersey, attending Metatopia, the Game Design Festival presented by Double Exposure. This is a small convention with attendance in the hundreds, but that number is overwhelmingly comprised of game designers. This includes designers of board and card games, tabletop roleplaying games, and LARPS. Following a mixer on Thursday (with catering from Raul's Empanadas Town), the con is three days of playtesting, panels, and just chatting with fellow designers, publishers, and really smart people.

I arrived Thursday afternoon and checked in at the Hyatt Morristown, which hosts the convention. The hotel has been consistently awesome all the times I've stayed. This year, they upgraded me to a studio suite room as they were overbooked for the room I'd requested. After settling into my room, I went down to the hotel bar to mingle with folks who had already arrived, like +John Adamus and +Mark Richardson. Thursday at Metatopia is the time when…

Esoterrorists Bundle at Bundle of Holding

Bundle of Holding has launched a new bundle featuring the original GUMSHOE system game, The Esoterrorists. As members of the Ordo Veritatis, you must keep cells of cultists known as Esoterrorists from raising the world's fear and unease to a level where demonic entities from the Outer Dark can enter our reality. Of course, you also have to keep your operations secret, because if people knew what you were up to, they would become very frightened and uneasy indeed.

This bundle includes both the first and second edition rulebooks as well as the Esoterror Factbook, the Book of Unremitting Horror (full of icky GUMSHOE monsters) and enough adventures to drive even the hardiest group of investigators past the breaking point.

You can get the basic bundle for just $8.95, or pledge $16 and get the whole thing. Of course, like all great Bundles of Holding this one supports a worthy charity: Cancer Research UK. Make the world a better (and saner) place in more ways than one!