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Castle Whiterock—Chapter 10: Summer in the City

CharactersEmmeline Forthwrought, eccentric human wizard, with Jonathan, cat familiar.Frevia Arden, self-sufficient human druid, with Roberta, snake animal companion.Imra Shadowmantle, disciplined elven rogue.Melanie Shadowmantle, aristocratic human fighter, with Angelina, recovered toad. It's Just Business Over the next week, Imra asks around about the three merchants she needs to remove from the gem trade with Far Cirque. She discovers that one has recently died after a long and distinguished life. She  visits his home to pay her respects and learns that his children are likely to sell his trade charter. She passes this information on to the family to follow up on.
With help from Emmeline and Frevia, Imra puts together a business proposal for the other merchants. The second merchant is impressed by the presentation and offers to cut the Shadowmantle family in on the business if they can help him smuggle gems out of Morraine under the crown's nose. Imra is pretty sure she can…