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Let's Make a Character: GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Bard

My first Twitch stream of Let's Make a Character. This week, I made a bard for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. I know the sound is crap; I'll work on it for next time. If you like it, consider supporting my Patreon.

GURPS Ultimate Zombie-Fighters: Humongous Enraged Infected (Boss)

Here's the boss zombie from the most recent session of my GURPS Zombies game. A combination of tight quarters and very poor rolls on a couple explosives meant this guy stayed up and terrorized them for a while. He relied on All-Out Attack (Double) to execute his Bellow Lungs and Mighty Roar in the same turn, partially for flavor and partially because it's a mean one-two punch. Unfortunately, the badass PCs and NPC ally were able to dodge the roar all but once. That was the only damage this guy landed, too, as he sent the NPC flying across the room to smash face-first into the far wall, breaking his nose.
I like where the zombie's resilience ended up. One PC uses an assault rifle (5d pi, RoF 15) while the other uses an axe and a hatchet (2d+7 and 2d+4 cut respectively), and they both wound up doing about the same amount of damage each turn after DR and Injury Tolerance. The poor NPC with his shotgun basically couldn't hurt this guy, though. He eventually switched to a …

My Current Gaming

I am involved in a lot of gaming right now, and I thought I’d share what I’m running and what I’m playing. I’m going to break it down by days of the week, since I have different games on the same day in alternate weeks.
Sunday A few months ago, my friend Justin moved to North Carolina for work. He asked to set up a regular online game so we could still hang out together. He’s a huge zombie fan, and I love GURPS (especially high-action GURPS), so I put together a GURPS Zombies game using the Ultimate Zombie-Fighters campaign frame in GURPS Zombies: Day One. My wife is playing two, but it’s just their two PCs and a few tag-along NPCs against the rapidly disintegrating world.

I’m liking this game a lot. For the zombies, I’m shamelessly ripping off the Left 4 Dead video game franchise. (They’ve already encountered Hunters and a Tank modified with some mutations from GURPS After the End.) However, I’m leaning more on the survival resource-management side of things for campaign tension. Thi…