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Mutant City Blues Power Sets

Here are a few sample power sets for Mutant City Blues characters, made with 40 build points using the Quade diagram and standard character creation.

“Crime Lab”: You don’t need to wait for the CSIs to run their expensive and time-consuming tests. Your mutant powers allow you to detect microscopic evidence, heat traces, and conspicuous odors. You can also work perfectly well in total darkness, see through solid objects, track suspects by scent, and manipulate evidence at a distance without contaminating the crime scene. Unfortunately, you are slowly becoming obsessed with all of the information you can gather with your gifts.

Investigative Powers: Microvision 2, Olfactory Center 3, Spatial Awareness 3, Thermal Vision 2, X-ray Vision 2.
General Powers: Night Vision 4, Telekinesis 9, Tracking 6.
Defects: Voyeurism.

“Spider-Guy”: Your mutation wrought slightly disturbing physical changes, including three-inch fangs and microfilaments on your hands that let you climb walls. Even weirder is the…

Psion: A Specialization for Fantasy AGE

Psion Some mages believe that their spells are actually manifestations of their own inherent mental power, rather than manipulations of an external energy. These mages call themselves psions and their magic psionics. Their magic can read thoughts, communicate with other beings mentally, and trap enemies in their own minds.
Psion TalentClass: Mage
Requirements: Intelligence 2 or higher and Psychic Arcana (Novice).

Your magic takes the form of mental powers rather than common spells.

Novice: You can perform the Mental Spell spell stunt for 2 SP. When you perform this stunt, no one can identify you as the source of the spell unless they possess supernatural senses (such as an active Arcane Awareness spell).

Journeyman: For 2 MP, you can form a telepathic bond with another creature. As long as that creature is within 1 mile of you, you can communicate with it telepathically. For an additional 2 MP, you can share its senses. This bond lasts for an hour or until the target moves further than …

Monk: A Specialization for Fantasy AGE

The Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook includes a few specializations for each of the three classes. One niche that is underserved at the moment is the D&D-style monk, a combatant who mixes discipline and unarmed technique to take on monsters and heavily armed opponents. To fill in that gap, here's my take on the monk as a warrior specialization as well as a magic item appropriate to such characters. MonkClass: Warrior Requirement: Accuracy and Willpower 2 or higher and Unarmed Style (Novice).
You have trained in esoteric martial arts that turn you into warrior who needs neither arms nor armor.
Novice: You have mastered the flurry of blows technique. When fighting unarmed, you can perform the Lightning Attack stunt for 2 SP instead of the normal 3 SP.
Journeyman: Your focus and discipline allow you to shrug off many injuries. When you wear no armor, you have an Armor Rating of 3. If you possess the Willpower (Self-Discipline) focus, you instead have an Armor Rating of 2 + your focus bon…

New Technique for GURPS Martial Arts: Grab Through Cover

Here's a technique for horror movie slashers and GURPS Action Big Guys.
Grab Through Cover* Hard (Combination) Defaults: each prerequisite skill-6. Trained by a Master halves the default penalty to -3.
Prerequisites: Brawling, Boxing, or Karate + Judo or Wrestling; cannot exceed prerequisite skills.

You punch through solid cover and then grab your opponent. Such an attack is typically unexpected (denying the target an Active Defense) and startling. The target must make an IQ roll to avoid mental stun; targets with Combat Reflexes get +6.

This technique is a combination (p. 80 in GURPS Martial Arts); the first level costs an additional 2 character points. The standard technique is Grab Through Cover (Brawling, Boxing, or Karate Punch/Cover + Judo or Wrestling Grapple/Torso), but some attackers prefer to grapple the Neck (an additional -3 to grappling skill), Skull (-4), Face (-3), or Arm (-1). As grapples, you can buy off all of the additional penalty with these variant techniques.


Gen Con Report: Loot

Maybe I love shopping at Gen Con a little too much. But there is just so much to see, new stuff to check out, and designers to bother for signatures. And by setting aside money for months before the show, I was able to do Gen Con entirely with cash (not counting the hotel room).

Here's my loot from Gen Con 2015:

Fantasy AgeTitansGrave: The Ashes of ValkanaDreamhounds of ParisThe Book of AntsShadows Over FilmlandThe Esoterrorists 2nd EditionLow Life: The Rise of the Lowly (ReDredged from the Muck)The Whole Hole 01: Keister IslandLow Life Boss BlockerLow Life Misadventure DeckLow Life Playing CardsDemon Hunters RPG: A Comedy of Terrors BetaBackstory CardsDungeonmorph Cards: Cities, Ruins, VillagesAssorted dungeon features minis from Legendary Realms GamesLords of Waterdeep Mini Meeple SetFeng Shui 2 GM ScreenAssorted dice from Chessex and Crystal CasteA cool magnetic wooden dice tray from the Braincase Designs boothPatches from +Evil Hat ProductionsDark Dungeons from The Illuminerdy

Gen Con Report: Part 3

Saturday Saturday began with a little disappointment as no one wanted to play at my table at Games on Demand. Eh. Back to the exhibit hall to look at more booths.
After lunch, I went with +Jamie Stefko to see if she could get into a GURPS Red Dwarf game on generics. She did (and it reportedly was a lot of fun), and I went over to Games on Demand to say hi to +Jeremy Morgan and get her a boarding pass for my afternoon slot.
After narrowly avoiding the Costume Parade in the convention center to direct a few friends to panels, I made it back to Games on Demand to run a two-hour slot of Wardens of Ouon. With last-minute arrivals, I had a full table, including my wife and a friend. I didn't have time to re-work my pregens, so I didn't try playtesting the violence track idea I had a few months ago. Still, the players did a fine job avoiding violence on their own, despite facing an ancient, angry dragon who had lost his egg.
From GoD, the three of us joined the rest of our group for…

Gen Con Report: Part 2

Thursday The day began with the State of the Hat Panel, featuring a number of folks from +Evil Hat Productions and Hat-adjacent. I was there to say hello and mention that I wrote Psychedemia. We heard some updates about previously announced products: Bubblegumshoe is in layout, for example. Then came announcements for new products. I'm especially excited about Fate Accessibility by +Elsa S. Henry, a supplement for bringing disabled characters into your game as well as making your game friendly to players with disabilities.

That panel kept me from getting lost in the mob waiting for the exhibit hall to open, but I was able to hit the hall for a bit. I picked up Fantasy Age and Titansgrave from the +Green Ronin Publishing booth, which I understand sold out very quickly. My wife also picked up the Dragon Age corebook, which is a thick, gorgeous tome that compiles and expands on the content of the three boxed sets. I'm a fan and like to collect signatures, and +Chris Pramas was k…

Gen Con Report: Part 1

I am back from Gen Con 2015. This year's con was amazing, the best in the last few years. I'm interested in seeing the attendance numbers. I would be surprised if there were less than 60,000 people, yet the show didn't feel any more crowded than last year. (As I wrote this post, the official numbers were released: 61,423 attendees, with 197,695 turnstile.)
Wednesday Wednesday was travel day. I attend Gen Con with friends, and we typically carpool from the Pittsburgh area. This year, our group included one member who flew in from Boston, so the trip began with picking her up from the airport.

The drive to Indianapolis generally takes about 7 hours including a stop for lunch. We also throw in a stop at a large outdoor sports shop in West Virginia because it's along the way and who wants to go to West Virginia if they don't have to?

I had left much of my game prep to the last minute this year, so I took advantage of the ride to complete the last few pregenerated chara…