Monk: A Specialization for Fantasy AGE

The Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook includes a few specializations for each of the three classes. One niche that is underserved at the moment is the D&D-style monk, a combatant who mixes discipline and unarmed technique to take on monsters and heavily armed opponents. To fill in that gap, here's my take on the monk as a warrior specialization as well as a magic item appropriate to such characters.


Class: Warrior
Requirement: Accuracy and Willpower 2 or higher and Unarmed Style (Novice).

You have trained in esoteric martial arts that turn you into warrior who needs neither arms nor armor.

Novice: You have mastered the flurry of blows technique. When fighting unarmed, you can perform the Lightning Attack stunt for 2 SP instead of the normal 3 SP.

Journeyman: Your focus and discipline allow you to shrug off many injuries. When you wear no armor, you have an Armor Rating of 3. If you possess the Willpower (Self-Discipline) focus, you instead have an Armor Rating of 2 + your focus bonus (+2, or +3 if you took the focus twice at level 11+).

Master: Your fists and feet land with incredible force. When fighting unarmed, your attacks deal an additional 1d6 damage.

Monk's Belt (Uncommon)

This simple cord belt belies the power and prowess of its owner. When wearing no other armor, the wearer of this belt gets a +2 bonus to Armor Rating. In addition, the wearer gains the benefit of the Unarmed Style (Novice) talent or an additional level of that talent if they already possess it, up to Master level.

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