Giant Mutant Drosera Hybrid

In a GURPS Monster Hunters game I ran, a biotech company was experimenting with giant hybrid species of Drosera, a carnivorous plant that shows promising nanotechnological applications.

These plants attack the nearest creature within reach and attempt to grapple with their sticky tendrils. Victims are exposed to a powerful digestive that can eat through armor and flesh given enough time.

ST: 16 HP: 8 Speed: 0.00
DX: 12 Will: 0 Move: 0
IQ: 0 Per: 12 Weight: 75 lbs.
HT: 14 FP: N/A SM: 0
Dodge: N/A Parry: N/A DR: 2
Fright Check: +1

Adhesive Tendrils (16): Grapple; Reach C,1. Adhesive adds +5 to effective ST. While grappled, victim takes 1d-2 corrosive damage each turn.

Traits: Mindless Plant; Injury Tolerance (Homogenous); Vibration Sense (Air).

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