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Elphir, Son of Imrahil

I play in a bi-weekly online GURPS game set in Tolkien's Middle Earth about a company of dwarves that are attempting to retake Moria. You can read about it at the GM's blog.

As a side adventure, we will be playing out a group of high-powered, high-profile characters on a mission to slay the Watcher in the Water at the eastern gate of Moria. We had around 500 points to make whatever kind of Middle Earth-appropriate badass we wanted. Other potential candidates mentioned include Gandalk, Beorn, and Quickbeam the Ent.

I aimed a bit closer to the ground for my character. I just wanted to play a nigh-superheroic knight in the vein of Aragorn, but without the baggage of being King. I settled on Elphir, son of Imrahil, future Prince of Dol Amroth.

I ended up with a powerful martial artist specializing in knightly weapons like the broadsword and large shield. I'm fairly happy with how the sheet turned out. If this was for an actual campaign, I might have taken some more disadvantages and rounded out his non-combat skill selection a bit.

Elphir, son of Imrahil

ST 14 [40]; DX 14 [80]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 12 [20]
Dam 1d+1/2d+1; BL 39 lbs.; HP 28 [28]; Will 13 [5]; Per 12 [0]; FP 15 [9]
Basic Speed 7.00 [10]; Basic Move 8 (6) [5]; Dodge 12 (11) (14 with shield); Parry (Broadsword) 15 (18 with shield); Block 16.


Born War-Leader 4 [20]; Combat Reflexes [15]; DR 1 (Tough Skin, -40%) [3]; Enhanced Dodge [15]; Enhanced Parry (Broadsword) [5]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Longevity [2]; Status 4 (1 free from Wealth) [15]; Striking ST 1 [5]; Weapon Master (Knightly weapons) [30]; Wealth (Very Wealthy) [30].
Perks: Shield Wall Training; Special Exercises (DR 1 with Tough Skin); Special Exercises (HP can exceed ST by 100%); Special Exercises (Striking ST +1); Style Familiarity (High Medieval Knightly Mounted Combat) [5].


Code of Honor (Chivalry) [-15]; Sense of Duty (Gondor) [-10].


Administration (IQ) [1]-12; Axe/Mace (DX+2) [8]-16; Broadsword (DX+6) [24]-20; Intelligence Analysis (IQ+3) [2]-15*; Lance (DX+2) [8]-16; Leadership (IQ+4) [2]-16*; Power Blow (Will+6) [28]-19; Riding (Horse) (DX+2) [8]-16; Savoir-Faire (High Society) (IQ+1) [2]-13; Savoir-Faire (Military) (IQ+5) [2]-17*; Shield (DX+5) [16]-19; Strategy (IQ+3) [2]-15*; Survival (Mountains) (Per-1) [1]-11; Tactics (IQ+3) [2]-15*; Wrestling (DX+4) [16]-18.
* Includes +4 from Born War-Leader.


The only rules adjustment the GM made that affects Elphir is to peg starting wealth for Very Wealthy at $8,000 and give $800 for every CP spent. I spent [2] on additional gear.
Fine thrusting broadsword, sw+2 cut/thr+2 imp, $6000, 3 lbs.
Heavy mail shirt, DR 5*, DR 3* vs. cr, $1200, 18 lbs.
Heavy mail sleeves, DR 5*, DR 3* vs. cr, $600, 9 lbs.
Heavy mail leggings, DR 5*, DR 3* vs. cr, $1200, 18 lbs.
Light plate sollerets, DR 3, $100, 0.8 lbs.
Large shield, DB 3, $90, 25 lbs.

Small backpack, holds 40 lbs., $60, 3 lbs.
Blanket, $20, 4 lbs.
Personal basics, $5, 1 lb.
Rope, 3/4”, 20 yards, Supports 1000 lbs., $50, 10 lbs.
Torch x3, $9, 3 lbs.
Wineskin with 1 gallon water, $10, 8.25 lbs.
Total Load: 103.05 lbs. (Medium)
Combat Load: 73.8 lbs. (Light)


Broadsword (20): 2d+7 cut/1d+5 imp, or 5d+14 cut/3d+8 imp after a successful Power Blow.

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