Delta Green on Bundle of Holding

Bundle of Holding is currently reviving a bundle from April featuring Delta Green, the modern day campaign for Call of Cthulhu. In Delta Green, you play federal agents inducted into a secret (and illegal) conspiracy that battles against the forces of the Mythos, as well as the better funded Majestic 12, sorcerous skinheads, occult criminals, and more. Truly, these books are some of the best Mythos gaming material you can find.

Why am I mentioning this on Mystery Monday? Because Delta Green is almost a perfect fit for GUMSHOE, by way of Night's Black Agents and the Dunwich Sanction campaign frame therein. Dunwich Sanction gives you guidelines for mixing in the Sanity mechanics of Trail of Cthulhu, and that game provides all the monsters, gods, and spells of the Mythos.

So, check out the Delta Green bundle and pick up an amazing collection of gaming (and fiction), and consider taking it for a spin in either classic Call of Cthulhu or cutting-edge GUMSHOE.

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