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Adventurers' Guild for GURPS

Here's a stat block (in the format from GURPS Boardroom and Curia) for an Adventurers' Guild in a typical fantasy kingdom suitable for your GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game.

Adventurers’ Guild

Mission Statement: The Guild provides services and support to registered members acting as independent explorers, troubleshooters, and mercenaries. Services include: healing, mundane or magical; magic item identification and sale; connecting parties with henchmen; room and board; transportation; and information on known dungeons, monsters, curses, etc.


TL: 3 Members: 3,000
Wealth: Average
Contacts: Adventure Support skills-15 [20]
Member Traits: No common traits.
Notable Resources: The Guild maintains its primary service facilities in border regions (closer to areas where adventurers will be most active), but its storehouses are located in more heavily populated central areas.
Reaction-Time Modifier: +2. The Guild relies on mundane communications (primarily riders carrying messages) when dealing with the requests of average members.

Costs and Values

Startup Cost: $27,720,000 Resource Value: $1,386,000
Patron Value: 15 points Enemy Value: -30 points
Ally and Dependent Value: Allies include 250-point full members (built using templates from various Dungeon Fantasy books), 125-point henchment, and 62-point budget henchmen (see Dungeon Fantasy 15).

Social Attributes

Type: Trade
CR: 1 Loyalty: Neutral (12)
Rank: Guild Rank 0-4 [2/level]
Income Range: $675 (Average) to $1,600 (Comfortable)
Reputation: None. Past members have been altruistic heroes and callous opportunists in equal measure, so the public has a neutral response to adventurers by default.


The Adventurers’ Guild is one of the few organized groups that will buy rare and powerful magic items. Any magic item with a price of $20,000 or greater can be sold to the Guild, but reduce the the normal sale percentage based on the character’s Wealth (p. 23 of DF1) by 15%. For example, a Poor or Dead Broke adventurer cannot sell expensive magic items at all, while a Wealthy one will only fetch 65% of the item’s price. Regional guild-houses will pay in letters of credit which can be redeemed at a central storehouse.

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