Dungeon Crate, May 2016

For my birthday last month, my friends got me a subscription to DungeonCrate.  This service is the RPG-focused entry in the current "crate" craze, where you pay a subscription fee and a box of themed stuff is sent to your home monthly, quarterly, or whatever. Well, my first crate arrived today, and I thought I'd go through it here on the blog.
Nice full bleed box art.

I opened it up to find an inventory card describing what's inside.

Adventure A Week adventure card for Pathfinder. (Suitable for 3.5 as well, of course.)
And the back.
Adventure for 5e from Nord Games.
Interior spread.


Some stat blocks. This adventure includes monster stats that scale for PCs in three different level ranges.
And the back.
Stickers and ads.

King Joffrey coin from Shire Post Mint.
Fun little button.
Selection of acrylic tokens for fantasy games from Advanced Deployment.
Another selection of acrylic tokens from Broken Egg Games.
What's in the box?!
It's minis from Dungeon Crawler: an unpainted Seductress, and Greenknee the Goblin Necromancer.
And the big boy: a Silver Dragon mini from Reaper Bones.

In addition to the physical products, I received an access code for the Digital Crate, which contained a few extra Adventure a Week modules and a map from +Dyson Logos.

So far, I'm impressed. I wasn't sure what to expect, having looked up the previous crates. Judging by those and then seeing this box, it seems that the folks at DungeonCrate are working to improve quality. I'm looking forward to next month's box.


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