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Stone Golem Gladiator

An enemy for a fantasy gladiator campaign I was planning to run in the GURPS Banestorm setting.

Stone Golem Gladiator

ST 15 HP 18 Speed 6.25
DX 11 Will 8 Move 6
IQ 8 Per 8 SM +0
HT 14 FP - DR 5
Dodge 10 Parry 11U

Great Axe (14): 2d+6 cut. Reach 1,2*. Note: 8 lbs.; check for weapon breakage on Parry.
Punch (12): 1d cr. Reach C. Parry 10.

Traits: Clay Golem (from GURPS Magic, includes some of the traits mentioned here for reference); Combat Reflexes; DR 5; Hidebound; High Pain Threshold; Injury Tolerance (Homogenous, No Blood); Unfazeable; Unnatural.
Skills: Brawling-12; Two-Handed Axe/Mace-14.
Gear: Fine great axe.
Cost: $12,500.
Notes: Hidebound means it should avoid Feints and other combat “tricks”. It is a straightforward brawler. Always programmed to surrender if possible before it reaches -18 and is destroyed.

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