What Did I Accomplish in April

This past month, I continued my effort to produce daily content here on One Yard Hex as well as weekly Fragments on www.nothingventuredgames.com. There's no easy way to put this, so I'll just say it: April was a dismal failure. On nearly every metric, I fell down in April. There are personal and professional reasons for it, but that neither excuses nor absolves.

I missed four daily blog posts on One Yard Hex. I would have missed more, but I managed to dig up some old character builds to fill in for more original content. I managed to average ~280 words per post, but that's only because character stat blocks (and especially GURPS characters) require a lot more words than my goal.

The true failure for me this past month was over on www.nothingventuredgames.com though. I only managed to produce one installment of Fragments in April. Obviously, there won't be a collected PDF as a single 650-word article wouldn't be worth anyone's time or money.

In total, I produced:

  • 12 blog posts here on One Yard Hex, including
    • 5 GURPS posts, and
    • 3 Wild Talents posts
  • 1 Fragments post and one news post on www.nothingventuredgames.com

I also did a little work tweaking the layout templates for my site, updating the home page and the Fragments page with art previews.

I only streamed 2 Fallout 4 game sessions on Twitch. They are archived at my YouTube page.

I hope I can do better in May. I wish I could say that the personal and professional issues that got in the way in April are resolved, but they aren't. I am pretty certain that I will miss more posts in the near future, but I'm going to try to keep the number to a minimum. Keep circulating the tapes.


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