My Big Fat Gen Con 50 Schedule

This is going to be a huge Gen Con for everyone. The event has sold out completely for the first time in its history, and tens of thousands of gamers will fill the Indiana Convention Center, Lucas Oil Stadium, and surrounding hotels for the best four days in gaming (tee em).

Where will I be, you ask? (I'm imagining that you asked, since you're reading this. You can't stop me.) All over, as I am an Industry Insider Featured Presenter, and therefor contractually obligated to do stuff that might benefit you, the con-going public. Plus all the other stuff I'd normally be doing at Gen Con. Minus the playing games part. I couldn't actually fit time into my schedule to sit down and play.

Anyway, here's where I'll be and when throughout the convention.


My wife and I plan to leave bright and early Wednesday morning. It's about a 6-8 hour drive from Pittsburgh, depending on traffic, construction, and how many times we stop to pee. If we leave by 9:00 AM like I want, that should put us in Indianapolis by about 4:00 PM or so.

Once we arrive, I have to check into my hotel, then I head over to the ICC to pick up my materials from various Will Call lines. It's unlikely you'll be able to find me in any one place until 9:00 PM when I will be heading to the Cadillac Ranch for the annual Diana Jones Awards. If you're an industry professional and heading to the DJAs, I'd love to chat with you over the din. I'll be the one awkwardly hovering around the edges of the room watching everyone else drink.

Then sleep, because...


The first half of my Thursday is devoted to checking out the exhibit hall. I have a few things I want to pick up, but mostly I'll try to demo games, as that will be the primary outlet available to me to play anything.

At 3:00 PM, I have my first Industry Insider panel.

Creating Periodic Content (SEM17121689)
ICC room 244
Whether it's a zine, a newsletter, or a monthly Patreon release, getting into the habit of releasing regular, periodic content builds your reputation & keeps your audience coming back for more.

Then at 6:00, I'm running the first of my two scheduled games. It's technically sold out, but there may be empty seats if you show up with a generic ticket.

Temblors (RPG17107636)
JW Marriott, room 308, table 2
Your marine squad has crashed on a failed colony where a recent nuclear exchange has awakened an ancient threat. Your squad of space marines has crashed on a failed colony world. You must make your way across a landscaped scarred by nuclear war to secure your escape, but an ancient threat stirs beneath your feet.


Friday's the big one. I will be heading to the Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff live show at 1:00 at the Crowne Plaza, but I'll have to duck out early for my next two Insider panels at 2:00 and 3:00.

Don't You Dare Give Up, How To Set Reasonable Goals (SEM17121692)
ICC room 244
t can be so tempting to give up, to discard your dream. Learn how to set small, incremental goals you can meet, work through adversity & see your project through to success!

How to Teach A Game (SEM17121696)
ICC room 244
Sometimes, games are complicated & rules are awkwardly formal. The panel will discuss ways for teaching games, running demos, & tried & true methods. They may even share some stories too.

A few more panels fill my afternoon, then it's off to the Ennie Awards, where I will vicariously feel like I won something when TimeWatch claims its rightful prizes.


I'm on one more Industry Insider panel at 12:00 PM on Saturday.

Making Characters Who Aren't Like You (SEM17121708)
ICC room 244
How do you create characters for your game who are different from you & your personal life experience? Where do you go to learn about other groups respectfully?

Then that evening at 6:00, I'm running my other scheduled game.

Adamantine Chef (RPG17108557)
JW Marriott, room 308, table 3
In Dreed, competitive cooking is serious business. Can your team defeat their rivals & earn the title of Gods of Cooking?


Sunday, as always, is for taking another pass around the exhibit hall before heading home.

If you're at Gen Con, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to talk to you, even if that opportunity is never realized and we all come away with dashed dreams and unsupported hopes for the future.

Have fun!


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