One Shot Podcast

I've been listening to a great gaming actual play podcast lately: One Shot. This weekly show features Chicago-area entertainers and guests playing a series of single-session adventures in an assortment of indie and more traditional systems. In addition to entertaining characters (even funny voices), episodes include appropriate background music and clever introductions at the beginning of each show.

I especially recommend the following episodes:

  • Feng Shui 2. A sequel to an earlier game using the original edition, this session is the stronger of the two. Part one. Love the music in this one.
  • Dracula Dossier. The group plays the upcoming campaign for Night's Black Agents, run by the game's designer, +Kenneth Hite. Part one
  • Dark. The upcoming game of stealth and infiltration is run by designer +Will Hindmarch in a single 4-hour episode.

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