Return of the GUMSHOE Bundle of Holding

In September, 2013, Bundle of Holding featured a collection of GUMSHOE system games. That bundle has returned for an encore. From now until May 5, you can get a bunch of GUMSHOE PDFs for as little as $13.95.

For that price, you get Ashen Stars, Mutant City Blues, four(!) issues of Ken Writes About Stuff, and the collected See Page XX Volume 1. Beat the threshold price (currently $29.56) and you'll also get Night's Black Agents, The Zalozhniy Quartet (campaign for NBA), Dead Rock Seven (adventure collection for Ashen Stars), Hard Helix (adventure collection for Mutant City Blues), and Fear Itself. That's four complete games, twelve adventures, and dozens of essays and campaign frames from +Robin Laws+Kenneth Hite, and others for less than $30.

And if you already have most or all of these books, you can purchase the bundle as a gift and still support +Pelgrane Press Ltd's selected charity, Womankind Worldwide. I highly recommend checking out Bundle of Holding for this and other great gaming deals.

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