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Blitz: A Speedster (for Wild Talents)

Blitz (300 points)

Archetype (5 pts)

Source: Genetic
Permissions: Power Theme

Stats (85 pts)

Body 2d+1wd (10 pts)
Coordination 5d (25 pts)
Sense 3d (15 pts)
Mind 2d (10 pts)
Charm 3d (15 pts)
Command 2d (10 pts)
Base Will 5
Willpower 5

Skills (2 pts)

Brawling 1d (3d+1wd)

Powers (208 pts)

Hyperbody 1wd (4 per die; 16 pts)

Hypercoordination 4d (4 per die; 16 pts)

Super-Speed 10d (U; 4 per die; 40 pts)
Useful (speed) extras and flaws: Duration +2. Capacities: Speed.

Super-Speed Benefits 4hd (A D U; 15 per die; 120 pts)
Attacks (electrical aura) extras and flaws: Attached ("speed" quality) -2, Duration +2, Electrocuting +1, If/Then (Only if attacked with an unarmed attack or metal melee weapon) -1, If/Then (Can only affect the hit location used to attack you) -1, Limited Damage (Shock) -1, No Capacities -1. Capacities: N/A.
Defends extras and flaws: Permanent +4. Capacities: Self.
Useful (extra actions) extras and flaws: Permanent +4, Self Only -2. Capacities: Self.
Useful (noncombat) extras and flaws: Permanent +4, Self Only -2. Capacities: Self.

Super-Speed Attack 4wd (A; 1 per die; 16 pts)
Attacks (electric punch) extras and flaws: Attached (Brawling skill) -2, Attached ("speed" quality) -2, Electrocuting +1, If/Then (Can only affect the hit location you strike with Brawling) -1, Limited Damage (Shock) -1, No Capacities -1. Capacities: N/A.

You are capable of moving at incredible speeds -- up to 1,280 miles per hour! While running, you gather a field of electrical energy around yourself that damages anyone you hit or who manages to hit you with an unarmed attack or metal melee weapon. Treat this as a width four attack to the hit location you strike or that your target strikes you with; this attack deals Shock damage only, but it travels to ground as per the Electrocuting extra.

Your super-speed also grants you certain benefits at all times. Your reflexes are so finely honed that you can defend against just about any attack. You gain four gobble dice each turn that you can use against any attack with a width of four or less. You also are better able to coordinate multiple actions in combat, gaining four extra dice on all dice pools. Finally, you can perform actions outside of combat much faster; reduce the time increment of any mundane action by four steps.

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