Gen Con 2017: Day 3

Saturday definitely felt more crowded than any Gen Con before. As much as I was impressed by how the organizers and convention center staff had seemed to keep people moving, there's only so much they can do when the crowds grew to record levels. I'm very curious to see what the final numbers are.

As for my day, it was close to excellent. It began with an excellent breakfast with +Jamie Stefko and +Tracy Barnett. We chatted about our goals and expectations as creatives and shared ideas for projects we want to work on. Tracy and I are on similar pages about working to our strengths and getting help from others with complementary skillsets rather than taking on everything ourselves.

Back to the exhibit hall, and I finally made it to Pelgrane Press's booth and partook of their amazing 4 for 3 deal to finally pick up 13th Age and Cthulhu Confidential, plus a couple supplements. I won't bore you with the details of international banking and credit card fraud protection that ensued.

At noon, I had my final Industry Insider panel. The topic was making characters who aren't like you. Going into it, I was nervous, but it ended up being possibly my best panel experience. I want to thank my fellow presenters Kat Kuhl, Aljernon Bolden, Crystal Frasier, and Anna Meade as well as the wonderful audience for their questions.

I wandered back into the exhibit hall to wait for Jamie, and decided to demo the Dungeon Fantasy RPG at the Steve Jackson Games booth without mentioning how well I know GURPS. It was interesting to see how they showed off GURPS tactical combat pared down to a single page. It made me very hopeful for how well the new box set could serve as an entry point for the system.

Then Jamie and I headed to the Crowne Plaza for the annual Pelgrane Press seminar. Everyone from Pelgrane, including latecomer Ken Hite, shared the new releases and talked about what's coming in the next year or more. This includes the obvious like a GUMSHOE One-2-One adaptation of Night's Black Agents, as well as quirky, experimental titles like Drone from Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan. Also, they officially confirmed that +Kevin Kulp is working on his fantasy game with Emily Dresner, with the working title of Gumthews.

The rest of the afternoon was given over to resting feet and eating Thai food and donuts. Then it was time for my last game of the show. I ran Adamantine Chef, a Fate adventure about competitive cooking that ended up leaning very heavily on its anime inspirations. My group was great, especially for folks just picking up Fate for the first time. They tackled rival cooking divas, ninja assassins, and an honorable minotaur to emerge as victors of the cooking arena!

The final day approaches. Let's enjoy it!

I didn't take many pictures, unfortunately. Thought this was a cool cover, though.


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