What Am I Playing/Running? 2018 Edition

Last year at this time, I wrote a post listing the games I was playing and running at the time. I thought it would be neat to do another and see how (or if) my gaming has changed.

D&D 5e

This game still makes up the bulk of my regular schedule, and in fact, the same campaigns from last year are all still ongoing. As a reminder:
  • Weekly, I'm running a group through Storm King's Thunder at my friendly gaming lounge. In the last year, they've completed the bulk of the adventure's middle, and I'm hoping to get them through to the climax in the next couple months. I'm also planning to take the same characters into Tomb of Annihilation to keep the campaign going and close out somewhere in the high levels.
  • On alternate Mondays, my Forgotten Realms game continues. The party now has a stronghold outside Shadowdale and are currently visiting Waterdeep on their search for the artifacts of Shar.
  • I'm still playing a half-orc barbarian in my friend's Monday game set in Kingdoms of Kalamar. We just finished busting up a cult that was trying to foment rebellion by freezing and/or starving the poor to death while the wealthy waited things out in (relative) comfort.


My playtest campaign ended halfway through the year and was replaced by a magical girl anime game run by my lovely wife. That campaign just wrapped up, and now I'm scheduled to start another Fate game—supers, this time—just as soon as everyone's schedules clear up post-holidays. I'm really looking forward to this one.


Finally, I've just joined a new Starfinder campaign. We've only had character creation and a first play session, but it's going well so far. I'm playing a vesk (big, tough, reptilian) solarian (think Jedi powered by the stars). In the first session, I realized that I was not playing Lawful Neutral, but rather Lawful Good, so I guess I'm a paladin now. We'll see how that works out.

That's all the gaming on my plate right now. Let's see what the next year brings!


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