Gen Con Housing News

Gen Con has revealed their updated housing registration process in their most recent email newsletter. The gist is that rather than releasing everyone to fight over the housing block at once, they are staggering the queue with a random wait time starting at noon on January 25th. While this may lessen the immense load on the housing system, it's causing even more stress among the attendees than the free-for-all of years past. On top of everything, badge prices are rising to $80.

I've attended Gen Con every year since 2005. Starting the next year, my wife has made the journey with me. It's our only major vacation. We manage to save money by sharing transportation and hotel costs with friends, but if the new housing system means we can't get a room, that may not be an option.

I felt a lot of anxiety over the convention last year, but when the show came around, I still had a great time. I enjoy Gen Con, and there are a lot of reasons to attend both personally and professionally. But there are so many things that have to go right to let me attend, and I think I've just been lucky many years to have them all align.

I have my fingers crossed that everything will fall into place again this year, but if it doesn't, I may start looking at other opportunities outside of Indianapolis.


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