Psychedemia: A World of Adventure for Fate Core

The latest World of Adventure from the +Evil Hat Productions Patreon is now available on DriveThruRPG: Psychedemia, by some hack. Psychedemia is a science fiction setting in which teenage psychics discover a hidden mental realm and make friends with its residents while being trained by the military to fight those same aliens.

I can't give an legitimate review of the text, but I will point out the incredible art by +Manuela Soriani which brings the world to full-color life. And I'll thank the rest of the team at Evil Hat (including editor +John Adamus and developer +Brian Engard) for making the process an absolute pleasure.

In a discussion on Google+, I was asked how the psychic aptitudes from Psychedemia could be used in a more standard Fate Core game with psychic characters beside non-psychics. The answer is that it would be pretty easy.

Extra: Psychic Aptitude

Permission: An aspect indicating your character possesses psychic aptitude.
Cost: Skill ranks, invested in one or more psychic aptitude skills.

This extra works as described in Psychedemia, pp. 22-26, with the exception that conditions can only be used for extreme effort and not for absorbing stress.

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