Milestone Stunts

In Fate Core, stunts primarily deal with skills and their possible uses. As I listed in Mechanical Hooks in Fate Core, though, there's a huge number of things stunts can be interested in other than skills.

One area I'm interested in playing around in is stunts that alter or expand milestones. Being the game's advancement mechanic, changing milestones affects how a character grows and changes. Giving broader control of their own advancement might be a fun way to empower players.

Here are a few rough ideas for milestone stunts. These have not been playtested and are off the top of my head.

Glimpse of Things to Come: You have a knack for predicting impending danger. When the GM creates a new issue following a significant or major milestone, she will tell you something about the issue you would not otherwise know. Whenever you roll an overcome or create an advantage action that directly relates to the issue, you treat a tie as a success.

Put Things In Motion: When the GM adds a new location following a minor milestone (Fate Core, p. 263), describe how your character was involved in elevating the location to its new level of importance in the campaign. Roll an appropriate skill against Fair (+2) opposition. On a success, you gain a free invoke of an aspect on that location or an associated NPC. On a success withs style, you gain two free invokes.

Small Victories: When the PCs resolve a location's issue following a minor milestone, you gain a fate point at the beginning of the next session.

Well of Talent: If you have "banked" skill points following one or more significant milestones (Fate Core, p. 258), you can tap their potential to give you an edge in a contest or conflict. Af the beginning of such a scene, pay a fate point. For each skill point you have banked, you can assign a +1 bonus to a single skill for the duration of the contest or conflict. You cannot assign more than +1 to a single skill.


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