Ars Magica Fifth Edition on Bundle of Holding

Bundle of Holding has launched a bundle of Ars Magica Fifth Edition PDFs for a return engagement following the successful bundle last August. Within, you'll find the core rulebook, sourcebooks on covenants and apprentices, and a treatise on four of the Houses of Hermes. If you meet the threshold payment (currently $28.12), you also get two more volumes on the Houses, a sourcebook detailing the Tribunal of Normandy, and 10 adventures. All told, it's a $55 $125 value(!), and you get a classic game that shaped much of the last two decades of roleplaying.

The Bundle is returning now to celebrate the newly retired line editor of Ars Magica, David Chart. But this is not the end of the line. Atlas Games has already released two Ars Magica-themed Fiasco playsets, one featuring the lowly gross of a covenant and the other their lofty wizard masters. And Atlas is developing a new RPG set in Mythic Europe called Tales of the Quaesitors, a GUMSHOE-powered investigative game about crimes within the Houses of Hermes. (Hence my mentioning the Bundle on Monday.)

Head over to Bundle of Holding and check out the Ars Magica bundle to see what this classic is all about.

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