Podcasts I Know

Here's a few of the gaming-related podcasts I listen to regularly these days.

+Jason Pitre produces the RPG Design Panelcast from recordings of panels at game conventions, particularly Metatopia. This series covers such a wide range of topics and features so many great gaming minds that anyone with even a passing interest in game design or game publishing should check it out. (You can even hear my occasional comment or question in a few episodes. I cringe every time.)

+ONE SHOT Podcast features Chicago-area improv actors and gamers playing a lot of different games and infusing them all with humor and a high level of (pardon the term) character. One Shot's sister series Campaign is an ongoing campaign of Star Wars Edge of the Empire that is a perfect example of the kinds of hilarious but occasionally frustrating things players get up to in a regular, continuing game.

+Mark Rosewater is the head designer of Magic: The Gathering, and he produces a podcast during his daily drive to work called, funny enough, Drive to Work. Even if you've never touched a trading card game, Rosewater dispenses insight gained over his 20 years in the industry that can make just about any game designer better.

Of course, I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't mention Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff. Hosts +Kenneth Hite and +Robin Laws are colossi in the field, and to listen to them talk about just about any stuff for an hour a week is a joy and a privilege.

Finally, if you listen to Welcome to Night Vale and can't figure out a way to use even a fraction of the distilled weirdness found therein in your game or scenario design, I don't think I can help you. Start from the beginning if you've never listened. The way the setting and plot are presented in tiny, obscured bits is brilliant.

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