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Mutant City Blues Power Sets

Here are a few sample power sets for Mutant City Blues characters, made with 40 build points using the Quade diagram and standard character creation.

“Crime Lab”: You don’t need to wait for the CSIs to run their expensive and time-consuming tests. Your mutant powers allow you to detect microscopic evidence, heat traces, and conspicuous odors. You can also work perfectly well in total darkness, see through solid objects, track suspects by scent, and manipulate evidence at a distance without contaminating the crime scene. Unfortunately, you are slowly becoming obsessed with all of the information you can gather with your gifts.

Investigative Powers: Microvision 2, Olfactory Center 3, Spatial Awareness 3, Thermal Vision 2, X-ray Vision 2.
General Powers: Night Vision 4, Telekinesis 9, Tracking 6.
Defects: Voyeurism.

“Spider-Guy”: Your mutation wrought slightly disturbing physical changes, including three-inch fangs and microfilaments on your hands that let you climb walls. Even weirder is the toxic venom those fangs inject and the ability to shoot adhesive webbings from your forearms. Your enhanced sense of taste is by far your most useful power in detective work.

Investigative Powers: Analytic Taste 2.
General Powers: Fangs 4, Venom (Bite) 3, Wall Crawling 5, Webbing 12.

“Superman”: You exhibit many of the powers of the archetypal superhero—super-strength, energy projection, and the ability to fly. You are not bullet-proof, however, and none of your powers are particularly useful in traditional police work.

General Abilities: Strength 10, Flight 10, Heat Blast 11.

“That Guy”: You spent a few years undercover with the Vice unit before transferring to HCIU. Your powers allow you to blend in with groups, speak any language, and take a beating. Most notably, however, you provided services to dorphing rings, leading to many arrests. The lifestyle took its toll, and you find yourself falling into destructive habits from street racing to binge drinking.

Investigative Powers: Translation 2.
General Powers: Empathy 5, Endorphin Control (Others) 3, Endorphin Control (Self) 3,
Nondescript 5, Pain Immunity 3.
Defects: Addictive Personality.

“Thinker”: Check out the big brain. Your powers are overwhelmingly mental, including enhanced mathematical ability and reaction time, superior memory, and the ability to predict the actions of others in high-stress scenarios. You are also able to project your thoughts into others' minds and even cause brain damage through psionic force.

General Powers: Cognition 3, Lightning Decisions 3, Precision Memory 2, Psionic Blast 6, Threat Calculus 3, Telepathy 4.

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