Psion: A Specialization for Fantasy AGE


Some mages believe that their spells are actually manifestations of their own inherent mental power, rather than manipulations of an external energy. These mages call themselves psions and their magic psionics. Their magic can read thoughts, communicate with other beings mentally, and trap enemies in their own minds.

Psion Talent

Class: Mage
Requirements: Intelligence 2 or higher and Psychic Arcana (Novice).

Your magic takes the form of mental powers rather than common spells.

Novice: You can perform the Mental Spell spell stunt for 2 SP. When you perform this stunt, no one can identify you as the source of the spell unless they possess supernatural senses (such as an active Arcane Awareness spell).

Journeyman: For 2 MP, you can form a telepathic bond with another creature. As long as that creature is within 1 mile of you, you can communicate with it telepathically. For an additional 2 MP, you can share its senses. This bond lasts for an hour or until the target moves further than 1 mile from you.

Master: When you perform the Mental Spell stunt, the Powerful Casting and Skillful Casting spell stunts costs -1 SP to perform on the same spell. If you perform the Powerful Casting stunt, you cannot increase the spell’s Spellpower by more than 3 (for 2 SP).

Psychic Arcana

Your magic touches others’ minds.

Novice: You learn the spells detect thoughts and mental shield.

Journeyman: You learn the spell psychic blast. You also gain the focus Intelligence (Psychic Arcana).

Master: You learn the spell thought maze. You can also choose one spell stunt you can perform for -1 SP when casting Psychic Arcana spells.

Detect Thoughts

Requirements: Psychic Arcana (Novice)
Spell Type: Utility
MP Cost: 2
Casting Time: Minor Action
Target Number: 9
Test: None

You attune your senses to the thoughts of others around you. For one minute, you can sense the presence of thinking beings within 10 yards of you and make Perception rests to detect details of their surface thoughts, opposed by the target’s Willpower (Self-Discipline). If you have the Psychic Arcana focus, you can add it to the Perception test.

Mental Shield

Requirements: Psychic Arcana (Novice)
Spell Type: Defense
MP Cost: 4+
Casting Time: Major Action
Target Number: 10
Test: None

You can erect a barrier around the minds of your allies. You give yourself and one target within 4 yards of you a +2 bonus on all tests to resist effects that would influence or alter their thoughts directly (including Psychic Arcana spells, adversary qualities such as the spectre’s Terror, and so on). By expending additional MP, you can extend this benefit to more targets: 2 MP per additional target, up to a number of targets equal to your Willpower. If you have the Psychic Arcana focus, you can extend this benefit to two more creatures, or alternately increase the spell’s bonus to +3.

Psychic Blast

Requirements: Psychic Arcana (Journeyman)
Spell Type: Enhancement
MP Cost: 4
Casting Time: Minor Action
Target Number: 11
Test: None

You focus your normal Arcane Blast feature into a psychic blast that attacks the target’s mind directly. The next Arcane Blast attack you make before the end of your turn deals +2 damage and all damage is penetrating. However, mindless targets are immune and targets with improved mental defenses (such as the Mental Shield spell) reduce the damage by 1d6.

Thought Maze

Requirements: Psychic Arcana (Master)
Spell Type: Attack
MP Cost: 11
Casting Time: Major Action
Target Number: 15
Test: Willpower (Self-Discipline) vs. Spellpower

You impose a perplexing thought form on every thinking being in a 4-yard radius anywhere within 50 yards of you. Anyone caught in the area must roll Willpower (Self-Discipline) vs. your Spellpower or become trapped in a maze of logic within their own mind. Beings trapped in the maze can take no actions on their next turn. At the end of their turn, they can make another Willpower (Self-Discipline) test vs. your Spellpower to break free.

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