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New Technique for GURPS Martial Arts: Grab Through Cover

Here's a technique for horror movie slashers and GURPS Action Big Guys.

Grab Through Cover*

Hard (Combination)
Defaults: each prerequisite skill-6. Trained by a Master halves the default penalty to -3.
Prerequisites: Brawling, Boxing, or Karate + Judo or Wrestling; cannot exceed prerequisite skills.

You punch through solid cover and then grab your opponent. Such an attack is typically unexpected (denying the target an Active Defense) and startling. The target must make an IQ roll to avoid mental stun; targets with Combat Reflexes get +6.

This technique is a combination (p. 80 in GURPS Martial Arts); the first level costs an additional 2 character points. The standard technique is Grab Through Cover (Brawling, Boxing, or Karate Punch/Cover + Judo or Wrestling Grapple/Torso), but some attackers prefer to grapple the Neck (an additional -3 to grappling skill), Skull (-4), Face (-3), or Arm (-1). As grapples, you can buy off all of the additional penalty with these variant techniques.

In most cases, you are unaware of your target’s exact position when making this attack. You take an additional -6 to your attack roll, or -4 if you know the target’s location for sure but cannot accurately perceive through the cover. This penalty cannot be bought off. Since the target cannot defend, you are free to make this a Telegraphic Attack (p. 113 of Martial Arts) or even All-Out Attack (Determined).

To penetrate cover, you must deal damage greater than the “cover DR.” To find this value, add the cover’s DR plus HP (for living cover), 1/2 HP (for a machine, vehicle, or other Unliving cover), or 1/4 HP (for a Homogenous object). Use the cover’s DR alone if it’s a thin slab, like a wall or door.

Whenever you strike hard cover, you risk hurting yourself (p. B379). Most cover has sufficient DR to damage the striking hand. Exceptions include wallboard and wood up to 2” thick. See p. B558 for DR and HP of common materials.

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