New Ultra-Tech Drugs

These ultra-tech drugs may be available as early as TL9. Patches are contact agents (effective in 5 minutes), inhalers are aerosols (effective immediately), injections are packaged in a disposable hypo (effective immediately), and sprays are aerosol contact agents (effective immediately).

Aggresine: This combat drug increases adrenaline production, boosting reaction in dangerous situations but also causing severe antagonistic response. Grants Combat Reflexes and the subject must roll HT or also suffer Bad Temper (9). Lasts for ([25-HT]/4) hours per dose. Available as a patch, inhaler, or injection. $120 (patch or inhaler), $60 (injection), per dose. LC2.

Anti-Fear: This drug suppresses fear response, granting the subject Fearlessness 4 for ([25-HT]/4) hours. Available as a pill or patch. $160 (patch), $80 (pill). LC3.

Pheromone Spray: Medical science has isolated pheromones related to sexual attraction and social dominance in human beings. These chemicals are available in concentrated sprays that give remarkable results for short periods ([25-HT] minutes). See p. 48 of GURPS Bio-Tech for game effects. Sex Pheromones, $560 (spray). Dominance Pheromones, $300 (spray).

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