Ubiquitous Computing

The following computer systems were built using the rules in GURPS Ultra-Tech. Complexity and storage are for the listed TL. Prices do not include the price of necessary power cells, but weights do.

Belt Computer (TL9): This heavy leather belt has a Small computer printed on the inside surface. The leather provides the computer DR 1. The computer can connect to interface devices (not included) via the built-in cable jack. The device is Complexity 3 and stores 10 GB. $100, 0.5 lbs., 2A/20 hr. LC4.

Card Computer (TL 9): The size of a credit card, this is a common system for children. It has no built-in interface, but is designed to be slotted into terminals in public spaces like mall kiosks and school desks. Complexity 3, stores 1 TB. $100, 0.025 lbs. A/10 hr. LC4.

Commando Computer (TL 9): This is a heavy, man-portable unit used by military operatives in remote and dangerous environments. The system is high-capacity, able to run three programs of its Complexity at once. It includes a portable terminal, and the whole system is rugged (HT 12, DR 4, 9 hp). The computer is hardened against electrical attacks, getting +3 to HT rolls against EMP, microwaves, and other attacks that target electronics. Complexity 5, stores 100 TB. $6,100, 12.6 lbs. 2C/13 hr. LC3.

Datadesk (TL9): This typical home network appliance is a Personal computer housed in a small cabinet (wall-mounted or wheeled) that includes a large 3D display, detachable keyboard and pointing device, and document scanner/printer. It connects to the residential communication grid by cable jack, but other devices can connect to it by radio communicator. The computer is Complexity 5 and stores 100 TB. It has a high-capacity processor, capable of running three Complexity 5 programs at once. $2,000, 10 lbs. 2C/10 hr. or external power. LC4.

Tattoo Computer (TL 10): Inexpensive, unobtrusive, and able to run general-use software, tattoo computers are excellent backup equipment. A radio microcommunicator is included, allowing the computer to access nearby interface devices and networks (for remote storage). Complexity 4, stores 1 GB. $100, neg. A/10 hr. LC4.

Undercover Computer (TL 9): This discrete system is usually disguised as a piece of jewelry or a small accessory. It is a useful tool for police and intelligence operatives. It comes bundled with night vision video contacts (which serve as a HUD and camera and provide Night Vision 7) and an encrypted Tiny radio communicator earpiece. Complexity 4, stores 26 TB. $2,775, 0.1 lbs. 3A/10 hr. LC2.


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