Making a Thing to Make a Thing

I've been listening to the recent episodes of +Wil Wheaton's returning podcast, Radio Free Burrito. Just before the New Year, Wil posted an experimental episode to get himself back into making podcasts, and he's followed up each week with a new episode. Radio Free Burrito normally features Wil performing stories from his books and blog and chatting about fun things he found on the Internet.

In the experimental episode, Wil talked about falling out of the creative habit. Restarting the podcast is his way of jumpstarting his creative juices, by forcing himself to create without trying to make something perfect. His goal is to make a thing just to make a thing.

That's a place I'd really like to be. I've been failing as a creator for a while now. I've made lackluster blog posts, and I have no real way of gaging response. I've made no effort to find more freelance writing work. I've failed spectacularly at advancing my own projects.

But I want to do better. I'm hoping I can. I have a few ideas I'd like to try, and I'm approaching them from the perspective of just trying and seeing what happens. I'm going to make things just to make things for a while. Maybe they'll work out, and maybe they won't. Who knows?

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