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Underfoot, Copper Slime Highwayman

Note: This character is designed for a Fate Core game set in Uresia: The Grave of Heaven, one of my absolute favorite fantasy settings. I have written some about running Uresia in Fate before, and I'm planning to bring some more such discussion to One Yard Hex.

Once the scourge of the Temphisian byways, the copper slime known as Underfoot waylaid the wrong Baron or Duke or some such and now has quite the price on his proverbial head. To escape, he disbanded his crew and fled to Shadow River. He is now an adventurer-for-hire hoping to secure a job in a faraway land.


Dashing Highwayman
I’m a Wanted Slime
Going Legit, I Guess
My Crew Has My Back
Words are So Limited


Great (+4) Provoke
Good (+3) Athletics, Contacts
Fair (+2) Burglary, Deceive, Fight
Average (+1) Notice, Empathy, Shoot, Stealth


Mad Digger Slime: Orange Slime Burrowing lets you tunnel through earth or stone with ease. You can ignore obstacles to movement as long as you can burrow under or around them. The GM may designate zones underground that you can access but other characters cannot.

Swarming Bandit Slime: You can break apart into a swarm of miniature versions of yourself. When you use Athletics to create an advantage on someone you have swarmed, you get an extra free invoke.

That Old Gang of Mine: If you spend a fate point, you can call on a mob of two Average nameless NPCs, criminals you worked with once upon a time. Each additional fate point you spend either adds two more NPCs or increases the mob’s rating by one step.


Physical 2
Mental 2
Wealth 2

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