Fateful Concepts

+Ryan Macklin helped create Fate Core, and he's been clarifying and expanding on it on his blog and across the internet. To date, he has released two PDFs on DriveThruRPG that are packed with ideas to make you a better Fate GM. I fully recommend them.

Fateful Concepts: Character Aspects looks at the evolution of the aspect and discusses how the number of aspects affects your game. It then covers separating aspects from the phases of character creation and focusing character creation by deciding on proscribed aspect slots or even defining lists of prepared aspects for players to choose from.

Fateful Concepts: Hacking Contests presents a number of options for running contests that have time limits, representing chases as contests instead of conflicts, folding contests into conflicts, and presenting contests that include multiple objects.

Both of these products are excellent, with tremendous ideas for improving your game. At 20-25 pages and just $2.99 each, you get a full course of Fate theory and practice, guaranteed to make your sessions better.

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