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Cyberpunk Weapons

Melee Weapons

Barbo: Several Brazilian megacorps market disguised knives called barbos ("barbs"). The blades are superfine, and the knife is hidden in any number of items, from a hard computer case to an oversized belt buckle.
TL Weapon Damage Reach Parry Cost Weight ST Notes
9 Barbo sw-1(2) cut C,1 -1 $360 0.5 5
or thr+1(2) imp C -1 5 [1, 2]

[1] The weapon is superfine by default. The effects have been included in the table.
[2] The weapon is disguised as another piece of equipment.


Smartgun Electronics: All firearms below include a laser sight, a HUD link, a recognition grip, and a diagnostic computer. These electronics are powered by a B cell which is included in the weight of the firearm (but not the price).


Kanakawa Daimyo: This magnum pistol is fine (accurate). It comes with two accessory rails standard (one above the barrel and one below). It includes an integrated Tiny computer and comes factory loaded with targeting software.

A variant, the Shogun, includes a Fast Tiny computer and better targeting software that grants +2 to skill. It also uses a high-density magazine. Shots 18+1(3), Weight 3.6/1.2, Cost $2,720.

Kanakawa Ronin: This heavy pistol is fine (accurate). It comes with an accessory rail standard below the barrel. It includes an integrated Tiny computer and comes factory loaded with targeting software. 

Kanakawa Sakura: This is a typical medium pistol. It comes with an accessory rail standard above the barrel. It includes an integrated Tiny computer and comes factory loaded with targeting software.

Kanakawa Shinobi: This is a typical holdout pistol.

Guns (Pistol) (DX-4 or most other Guns at -2)

TL Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC Notes
9 Kanakawa Daimyo, 15mmCLP 4d+1 pi++ 3 235/2,000 3.4/1 3 9+1(3) 11 -2 4 $1,770 3 [1, 2]
9 Kanakawa Ronin, 10mmCLP 3d pi+ 3 180/2,000 2.7/0.7 3 20+1(3) 10 -3 3 $1,145 3 [1, 2]
9 Kanakawa Sakura, 7.5mmCLP 2d+2 pi 2 150/1,900 2.2/0.5 3 30+1(3) 9 -2 2 $650 3 [1]
9 Kanakawa Shinobi, 7.5mmCLP 2d pi 1 100/1,200 1/0.2 3 18+1(3) 6 -1 2 $240 3

[1] Targeting software grants +1 to appropriate Guns specialization when using the HUD link.
[2] Gun is fine (accurate) by default. Increase to Acc has already been included on the table.

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