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Queen Elsa in Fate Core

The Fate More: From Bits to Books Kickstarter is underway, and one of the books being funded is Venture City, a compilation of the Venture City Stories PDF and an expansion of the power creation system called Venture City Powers. Venture City is a brilliant take on supers in Fate Core, coupled to a sandboxy cyberpunk setting, but the power system is versatile enough to do other kinds of powered characters as well.

As an example of how you could use Venture City outside of the included setting, I present to you Queen Elsa from Disney's Frozen.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle

Aspects: The Snow Queen; Conceal, Don’t Feel; Saved By My Sister’s Love; Strangely Persistent Creations; Frightened and Jealous Neighbors
Skills: Great (+4) Will; Good (+3) Resources, Shoot; Fair (+2) Contacts, Deceive, Empathy; Average (+1) Lore, Notice, Provoke, Rapport


Ice Control: You have the power to create snow and ice out of thin air. You can create a patch of ice that fills your zone or an adjacent zone. You can move through the ice freely, but to friends and foes it is a Fair (+2) obstacle. The slick lasts until the beginning of your next turn. • Once per scene, you can generate a creature of ice and snow that’s under your control. It has one aspect and one Good (+3) skill, two physical and mental stress boxes, and can take a mild, a moderate, and a severe consequence. It dissipates at the end of the scene, clearing its consequences. • You can fire projectiles of ice with a range of three zones with Shoot. You can shoot other projectiles out of the air, allowing you to defend against ranged attacks with Shoot as well. • Finally, you can fill your zone or an adjacent zone with wintry conditions by creating an advantage using Will. The opposition is generally Fair (+2), but increases with especially difficult or inclement weather, such as snow during high summer. These conditions linger while you are in an adjacent zone, but fade away when you will them to or at the end of the scene.

Power Breakdown

Frost Projection Power Theme

↳Ice Slick
Creature Summoning

↳Tough Little Thing
Energy Blast

↳Defensive Blasts
Weather Control

↳Lingering Weather
Special Effects: Area Attack; Inflict a Condition.
Improved Special Effects: Ice Shield
Drawback: Sympathetic Weather Patterns.
Collateral Damage Effect:  You can dial down the temperature so quickly that snow forms in your zone and every adjacent zone. You can move through the snow without a problem, but to everyone else it’s a Fair (+2) obstacle that persists until the end of the scene.

Stress: Physical 2, Mental 4
Refresh: 1

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