Super-Archer for Fate Core

Art by Storn Cook. These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.


Aspects: Master of an Ancient Weapon; No Powers, Just Skill; Olympic Gold Medalist; Wise-Cracking Robin Hood; Check This One Out!
Suggested Peak Skill: Shoot
Suggested Other Skills: Athletics, Fight, Notice
Stunts: Far Shot (Shoot)—You can attack with Shoot up to four zones away.


Bow and Arrows: You possess a high-tech bow and a large supply of arrows. Since your skill with the weapon is entirely natural, powers that affect other powers (such as Power Amplification or Power Nullification) do not affect you. You may use your special effects on normal Shoot actions. In addition to traditional arrows, you have “trick” arrows that entangle targets in nets, adhesive, or some other material that can slow them, keeping them from moving to another zone until they overcome opposition equal to your roll. If you roll Shoot at -2, the target is stopped completely and cannot make any physical action until they escape.

Power Breakdown

Technology Power Theme

↳Intense Training (Shoot)

Special Effects: Area Attack, Forced Movement, Inflict a Condition, Physical Recovery.
Drawback: Limited Ammunition.
Collateral Damage Effect: Let’s face it. You’re just a guy with an old-timey weapon going up against gods and monsters. You’d better be packing some superior firepower. When all the chips are down, you can unleash a barrage of high-explosive arrows. You can shoot every target within a single zone within your maximum range at full strength. Of course, all those explosives are going to damage everything in the area, not just the bad guys.
Cost: 4 stunts (plus 1 normal stunt)
Stunts Left: 1
Refresh Left: 3

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