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My Gen Con Events

The Event Catalog for Gen Con 2016 is out now, in advance of Event Registration next Sunday. If you are digging through the listings looking for something fun to play, consider my events.

On Thursday morning, I'm running a session of Feng Shui 2nd Edition from Atlas Games. It's strongly inspired by Mad Max and the Planet of the Apes films.

RPG1684791: Apeworld On Fire
Furious George has disappeared. The New Simian Army faces civil war. Can your team of post-apocalyptic badasses bring down the ape regime once & for all?

Friday at Noon and again at 7:00, I'm running sessions of Wardens of Ouon, my Fate Accelerated setting of magical unicorns protecting an ancient forest. I never know what these sessions will hold, as I run them completely improvised.

RPG1684792 and RPG1684793: Wardens of Ouon
Play magical unicorn Wardens, and bring peace to the humans and spirits who live in the Forest of Ouon. Start by creating the map of your own version of the Forest, and then experience a unique adventure in the world you made.

In addition, I'm running a session of TimeWatch for Pelgrane Press on Saturday at 6:00 PM. It's a TimeCrime adventure that is potentially much deadlier than the usual heist.

RPG1687988: The Amber Room
You're hired to steal a great treasure from Nazi Germany, hours before it is to be destroyed. But something hungry has its eye on the Amber Room.

If any of those sound like fun to you, click the links and add them to your Wish List. I may just see you at Gen Con!

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