Designers & Dragons on Kickstarter

Evil Hat Productions "officially" launches a new Kickstarter today, after a soft launch yesterday that saw the product fund its first stretch goal. The project is Designers and Dragons, a four-volume scholarly history of the RPG industry by +Shannon Appelcline.

Each of the four volumes looks at a single decade in the history of RPGs (the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s) and goes into depth on a number of the most important producers of that decade. This second edition expands on the first (published by Mongoose in 2011) with over 50,000 words added in just the first volume.

For now, the books are 6"x9" softcovers, and you can expect high quality from Evil Hat. But future stretch goals yet to be announced will surely push these into even greater realms of awesome production as the Kickstarter total climbs ever higher.

As soon as you pledge, you get access to the PDF of the first volume on the 1970s. Evil Hat has reported that the 80s volume should be available to view at the end of the week. These books are basically ready to go.

Go check out the Kickstarter and listen to the testimonials by many gaming greats, look at the backer levels, and decide if you want to let this intensive look at gaming history slip away.

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