Gen Con Week: Day 0 Report

We finally arrived in Indianapolis after nearly nine and a half hours on the road. 
It was 6:30 by that point, and I had already missed one meeting, but I was able to swing by the IGDN Social and see some people there. My companions then wanted to try the new Froth of Khan from Sun King, so we headed to the beer tapping on Georgia Street and grabbed food truck food for dinner. 

After that, I made my way to the Diana Jones Awards. In addition to bein surrounded by a truly overwhelming number of gaming luminaries, I was able to chat with a few if them about the business. I talked to Kevin Kulp about TimeWatch and the work in doing for the time-crime campaign frame. Clark and Amanda Valentine gave me some valuable insight into how to pick companies to work with. 
Robin Laws one the award for his game Hillfolk. He thanked the 60+ contributors to the Hillfolk rule book and it's companion Blood on the Snow as well as the 1000 or so backers who supported the game on Kickstarter. That means I have a 1/1000 or so claim to the Diana Jones Award this year. 

After the awards, I went back to the ICC to get my badge and tickets. I forgot yet again that GM badges are kept separate from ticket packets, so I have to go this morning to get my badge. In fact, I'm off to do just that. Enjoy day 1, Gen Con!

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