Doctor Who: The War Doctor Adventures

I picked up the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space Limited Edition Rulebook at Gen Con this year. On the way home, I started thinking about running a campaign featuring the War Doctor, who has a full character sheet in the back of the book.

It's an interesting challenge: create a Doctor Who series that is intimately tied to war while maintaining the themes of peace and exploration that are the Doctor's hallmarks. The key, of course, would be in finding the right companions. We don't know of any companions for the War Doctor (excluding a character from his lone novel appearance). And likely, anyone who travels with the Doctor through the Time War will meet a gruesome end. Still, it feels like it might be a very powerful game to play. Here are some adventure hooks for such a campaign.

The Dying of the Light

The War Doctor travels to the Ganillia system to stop the Daleks from seeding that star with heavy elements, shortening its lifespan and causing it to go supernova hundreds of millions of years in its future, destroying a base critical to Gallifrey's efforts in the Time War. While there, the TARDIS picks up a transmission from a planet that should be uninhabited: a human voice reciting Dylan Thomas. Is it a time-lost traveller or a Dalek trap? Will the Doctor resist the mystery and simply complete his mission? (This adventure should introduce one or more companions and serve as a series premiere.)

Shell Game

Amid a planet of refugees in the Lindron Principalities, the War Doctor and his companions hunt a spy responsible for the very devastation that left a billion people without a homeworld. The catch is that the spy is actually a sentient computer virus that is inhabiting the refugees' data implants. Can the Doctor isolate his quarry and destroy it, or will he be forced to sacrifice innocents to save another world?

Bless Me, For I May Sin

The War Doctor seeks out the Church of the Papal Mainframe and earns the attention of Tasha Lem, though he has little time for her advances. His target is the Mainframe itself, which contains recordings of every confession given in the history of the Church. One such confession, forgotten even by the one who gave it due to the effect of the Silent, contains a coded message for the Doctor himself. It is a warning against an assassin hunting the War Doctor, an assassin who lurks closer than the Doctor may care to guess. (This episode may feature the death of a companion.)

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