Announcing Dungeon Accelerated

For some time now, I've been working on a Secret Project. About a year ago, I ran an impromptu game of Fate Accelerated Edition in a classic dungeon fantasy style. In fact, I ran The Sunless Citadel, the first in the initial series of modules produced for D&D 3rd Edition. I converted the dungeon and the monsters on the fly. It was an awful lot of fun.

Since then, I've thought more and more about expanding on FAE to create a dungeon fantasy game. One of the ideas I picked up on was the character playbooks in the games based on Apocalypse World, and most obviously for this project, Dungeon World. That kind of archetypal character differentiation works well for dungeon fantasy, with its strong rooting in class/level design. The pre-generated, "just pick from this list" setup also softens one of the sticking points in Fate: coming up with interesting and useful aspects and stunts can be hard, especially for beginners.

I've blogged about it recently, but I tried this style of pre-generated characters at Gen Con with my Wardens of Ouon games. It worked very well there, and I know it will work in a dungeon game even better. To give you an idea of how the character playbooks are put together, here are six classes and four races. Everything in this document is fully compatible with FAE, so if you wanted to print these out and run a dungeon crawl tonight, go right ahead.

Beyond the playbook idea, I've been putting pieces together in other areas as well. I enjoy the tactical nature of dungeon fantasy combats, but I don't want to rely on the legacy gridded map structure. You can probably guess that my recent post on Dungeons and Zones ties into this project in a big way. I'm working on rules and advice for creating interesting dungeons and making them work in Fate. I even hope to have a system for generating a zero-prep dungeon while your players are picking their characters and filling in their sheets.

All this will come together in a game I'm calling Dungeon Accelerated. It will include the full Fate Accelerated Edition rules, with some tweaks and additions, so it can be its own standalone game. At the very least, the game will include the classes and races in the document above. I have plans for more, but those will have to wait. It will also include a small bestiary of fantasy monsters, though that could grow as well.

Dungeon Accelerated is coming together faster than I expected, but it is still some ways off. I don't have firm plans for a release date or details on possible crowd-funding options. But watch this space for more information as it shakes out.

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