Games I'd Like to Play

I run an awful lot of games. Unfortunately, most of my gaming time is spent being the GM, rather than being a player.

Inspired by this post by +Douglas Cole and this follow-up by +Peter V. Dell'Orto, here is a list of games I'd like to play if I got the chance.


I've run a good amount of GUMSHOE (Ashen Stars, Night's Black Agents, TimeWatch) but I've only ever played in a couple of +TimeWatch RPG games at conventions. I would love to play in a Night's Black Agents campaign, or even better, Mutant City Blues.

D&D Fifth Edition

This is the new hotness. I'm impressed with the material available so far, and I'm planning a game of my own. I would love to try it out as a player, though.


I actually play in a regular online game every other week, but I always want more GURPS. What I'd really love is a high-powered fantasy game, mixing Divine Favor, the Sorcery rules from Pyramid, and chi-based powers and Imbuements for martial characters. I'm actually tempted to run this game, but I'd rather be able to play in it.


Again, I run an awful lot of Fate but never get the chance to play. I am itching to try Atomic Robo, and I love the look of a lot of the things coming down the pipeline on the Evil Hat Patreon.

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